Episode 8

Published on:

4th Jan 2024

Mulder Needs His Sleepies

Welcome back, true believers. This week we're tackling S01E08 - Ice, in which Mulder and Scully get to go on a brief detour to remake the movie The Thing. It's a pretty direct "homage" but it does the source material justice by being just as intense and twisty as the original story is. Also, Scully goes slightly feral at the sight of someone trying to hurt Mulder. Good stuff!

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Our theme "File After File" was produced by bansheebeat, and sung by Heather Milette. Lyrics by Chris, Jeremy, Autumn, and Judi. A video for the song can be seen here, and was created by Jeremy with a ton of help from Judi, Autumn, and Chris.

Podcast artwork from Rideth_Mochi, whose portfolio is beautiful. They can also be followed on Twitter.

Incidental music in the podcast by the great Jake Lionheart, who you should hire to score your next DND podcast, or any podcast really.

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Non Human Biologics: An X-Files Podcast
A creepy but necessary podcast about The X-Files
Non Human Biologics is a creepy but necessary podcast about The X-Files. Each week Chris and Jeremy bring you goofs and chuckles and tears as they wonder if life really is out there. Join us as we go episode by episode, week by week, wondering just where the heck Scully keeps that katana.

Art by Rideth_Mochi, music from bansheebeat, Jake Lionheart, and Heather Milette.

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